Important notification from the SGS team and board of directors.

For some time now we have made it possible for the public to access most sections on our website. This will change, this month we will move the forums and knowledge center to the SGS section, meaning it will be for members only. Please let us explain why. For over a decade volunteers sacrificed their time on assisting people with their genealogy. A lot of times they received gratitude, but there are also people who are simply being rude. This takes time, effort, frustration and takes away the joy of volunteering.

We are also being confronted with hosting bandwidth costs as we have more then 2000 visitors per day. If we want to operate for another decade we need to change our approach. What will be publicly accessible you ask? In short, the FAQ section and the blogs. This way we can focus on quality instead of quantity. Please let us know how you feel about these oncoming changes, we are as always open to suggestions.

With the new site updates also a new blogging system. You can now chose to create content as an article and it will appear in the Blogosphere. The concept works very simple.
1. Go to “Add content” on the left hand side menu,
2. Select “Article”,
3. Add your own image (if not the standard icon will be selected),
4. Add your text,
5. Add a preface,
6. Press Publish and you are done 🙂

Stay tuned for more developments!

As posted before, the first batch with pictures from our archives. If you know anyone on these pictures let us know. The pictures are from different sources, meaning that they are not neceserally related. The information that we have is that these pictures are from the early 1950's.


We have come into possession of several hundred photographs from varying periods and regions. These are old family pictures in different settings and we are trying to locate the families and persons that are on these pictures. Because we need to scan these pictures in we will blog about these pictures here in order to spread the word.

If you recognize anybody on the picture please let us know. If that person is not alive anymore perhaps a direct relative may be interested in these pictures. Either way we hope to help some people out by finding photographic material that can be regarded as rare. 

In case you recognize people, please contact the Board of Directors via the contact form. We will contact you than as soon as possible. 

We now offer the possibility for registered users to start their own family tree / genealogy blog at our website. We are slowly moving towards a user content generated website, where people can post and interact with each other as this has proven to be an effective research tool. The blogs allow you to selectivly post information and as it is linked to your Rodoslovlje profile, Google will pick it up and people that are looking for the same family as you will find you with ease. We invite all members to start blogging, and look forward reading about your family history.