Membership in the SGS allows you to do more on our site then regular visitors can do. You get access to the member section and you can do the following:

  • – Letter templates to write to the archives,
  • – Translations on the SGS forums,
  • – Possibility to post confidential info on the SGS forum which is not a public forum,
  • – family page,
  • – SGS magazine with the latest news and updates from Serbia concerning genealogy and heraldry,
  • – contacting other members to assist you in your research,
  • – archival network
  • – attaching files to the forums
  • – and more,

Most of the members in Serbia hardly use the internet because they have the luxury to live close to an archive of church parish. The membership with online resources is moslty used by international members however we have seen an increase in Serbian members due to the new features we are offering now and in the near future.

What does the SGS use the membership fee for?

To keep this site running costs money. All membership fee’s are being spend to keep the site running. With a simple fee of 25 Euro’s per year you can use the services we offer. The fee is low compared to other sites, this is also because the SGS is a non-profit organization. Since we work with volunteers we basically keep the site running through the membership fee’s.

So is SGS membership for me?

If you need more help then a simple information request then the answer would be yes. All forums besides the SGS forum are public forums on which we give general information and where people can post general inquiries. If you need help with translating letters and books, contacting the archives, need someone to call a relative for you in Serbian etc. then membership is the best solution for you. Your contribution will help us to contribute more for the online resources. We always warn people that the archives of Serbia are not microfilmed, research takes a lot of time because of this.

1. Does my family have a coat of arms?
No, most families in Serbia and the region were not armigerous due to the fact that the Ottoman Empire ruled the area. However certain families did get arms granted in service of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In general most families don’t have a coat of arms because it was a privilege held in medieval times by noble families.

2. How do I make sure my family does or doesn’t have a coat of arms?
The only way to make sure is to do genealogical research. Genealogy is a science based on facts so by doing research you will be able to discover if your family did or didn’t have a coat of arms. So before you start looking to get a coat of arms designed by someone make sure to do your genealogical research.

3. My name is Brankovic, am I an heir to the medieval house of Brankovic?
No, of the Serbian medieval nobility there are no documented direct heirs. It is possible that you are in some way related to medieval nobility, but as we have mentioned several times, thurough genealogical research must be done to be able to bring any such conclusion. Your name probably derived from an ancestor who adopted a surname. In this case, it would be Branko.

4. I did my genealogy and found out that I am related to someone who had a coat of arms, can I adopt and use these arms?
No you cannot. You can contact us for more information.

5. What is the use of a coat of arms today?
Today there is no use of it. Heraldry is a system that originated from medieval times and used on a practical way on the battlefield for families to distinguish themselves. It gives no extra status to your family because we don’t live in a feudal society. There are a lot of noble European families that never had arms.

6. Does my clan/brotherhood have a coat of arms?
Traditionally in Serbia clans and brotherhoods do not have coat of arms.

7. I want someone to design a coat of arms for me, who should I contact?
The Serbian Heraldic Society the White Eagle is the only party that has the appropriate know how and skill to design arms for you. Besides that the organization has already designed most of the civic and new family arms in Serbia.

8. Does Serbian Heraldry use marks of cadency?
No, Serbian heraldry like other European mainland heraldry doesn’t use marks of cadency.
This is mainly a English system and is foreign to Serbian heraldry.

9. What is a good source to review traditional arms?
Siebmachers is one of the most respected sources one should consult. The edition is online on our site but not available yet to the public. Requests can be made however but costs are attached.

10. What is the meaning of this coat of arms in question?
Most likely the meaning is obscure without the original grant. There are people that claim they can interpret a coat of arms by its design but this is speculative.

11. I read that colours on the arms have meanings, is this true?
No, this is a fairytale. As mentioned in the previous point the designer of an arms might appoint a special meaning to a colour but there is no such thing as a general way to interpret the colour to e.g. a quality.

12. So do I need a coat of arms?
No, your genealogy is more important then a coat of arms. If you have traditionally inherited a coat of arms it is a beautiful thing but there is no need for you to design a new coat of arms. As stated before 99% of the families in Serbia have no arms. It would be wise to spend money and efforts on collecting other items of value for your heritage such as photos, documents and other items.

We have opened a Academic section in the book section. In this articles are being published of Academic nature regarding genealogy and history. Academicians are invited to email us their papers in Word or PDF format. This involves published papers, of which the copyrights are with the submitter.

After review of the paper we will publish it in the Academic section of our website. Submissions are welcome in English and Serbian.

Last month a board meeting was organized in Belgrade in which the full board of directors was present to discuss the many developments that have been going on in the world of genealogy. One of the most important debates was that of our online presence and how we can improve this. The first major step has been made by the usage of the new site system which allows us to publish fully in both English and Serbian. Other steps still need to be done such as the embedding of the forums into the layout, but we are glad to say that the site works smooth.

Members can post news and submit stories, and we are happy to see that the number of visitors and members has been increasing gradually over time.
From now on the SGS Magazine will be posted in the Books section as well with other works. All previous versions of the SGS Magazine will be ported to the new system so it will be easier for our members to access them. All other data from the SGS section is availible online, members and visitors are recommended to use the Search function on the left hand menu. Important news will be broadcasted on the frontpage.

We are currently working on technical updates to finish the overall usability of the website. Please read a point-to-point summary of the meeting below:

  • My Rodoslov needs further work to function better,
  • Gallery needs more images and fixing,
  • Membership fee’s will remain the same over 2008/2009,
  • Web link section has been added so people can add links of interest,
  • More E-books are on their way,
  • Archival Network will go into next phase,
  • A web editor is needed to translate and post in Serbian,
  • People are encouraged to email the SGS their writings so they can be posted at the site,
  • Heraldic procedure has been further established,
  • Offering of video’s online,
  • New instructional manual for genealogy will be published,
  • List of books recommended by the archives will be updated and re-published,
  • New SGS Magazine for 2008 will be published soon,
  • People can create online profile’s with biographic pages,

The website of the Serbian Heraldic Society the White Eagle can now both be accessed at the old location and at the new url .

We hope you will further enjoy our site and services and hope that the community will continue to grow and prosper.

The Board of Directors

Wouldn’t be wonderful to put your family tree online? Yes it would be wonderful and it’s even possible. There are many programs’ that allow with a simple push of the button to export your family tree to a HTML web based presentation that all people can access. You can use free software for this such as:

Great family,
Personal Ancestral File (P.A.F)

Putting your family tree online can be a simple and fast solution to get in touch with other related researchers. There can be some objections though and items that one should consider before simply placing your family tree online.

Never ever place names and dates of people that are still alive without their sole written permission. This is regarded as a breach of privacy and is illegal!

Never copy someone else’s work without prior permission, even it is family 
Encode your email address in a contact form unless you want to receive SPAM.

If you have personal objections on placing your family tree on the internet because you don’t want the data to be used by others simply do not publish. It will be however likely that a distant relative will publish the data through his own research as is his good right.

Welcome at our new and updated website. Although there are not a lot of changes in the way the site looks. There are a lot of changes to the systems that we are running on. From today on all systems are plugged into one main system. Another feature has been added, people can now submit stories to the site as well.

Currently we are updating the site, it may be possible that you encounter errors. These will soon dissapear. You do not need to do anything, your accounts will be transferred automatically.

Some items that will be worked upon over the course of these 2 days are:

  1. Image Galleries,
  2. My Rodoslov system update,
  3. Menu fixing

In March 2006 a Board Meeting was held and a meeting was held at Sveti Sava between the Dragomir Acović (President of the SHS) and Sergei Oudman (President SGS). In the meeting between the two presidents a lot of issues were covered. The most important is the soon to be openened White Eagle presentation at the website. Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Vexillology and Phaleristics, also known as Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle”, was founded in 1991. The society is the only professional organisation of that kind in Serbia. It interferes in research and work in the field of science about arms, genealogy, flags, medals and honours, along with more specialized fields such as insigniology, archontology and nobilistics. To read more about the SHS click here. The SHS presentation will hold all information on the above topics and will allow people to register their coat of arms in Serbia. SGS News The SGS has been very busy the last 6 months developing proper software that will allow people from all over the globe to access genealogical data, and to do their genealogical work. We have come a long way since the initial launch of our website. The biggest news is that after a long period of waiting our forums have reached Stable. This means that we are now adding more features to our member system & forum that will allow you to reach out. Database Danica Radisić has been busy with gathering correct information on the towns with their respective district archives. This information will soon be added to the database. At the moment the database is also being populated with surnames, and the placenames in different languages. The database is the next item on our list to be heavily reformed and upgraded to preform better. The intention is to enable usergroups so that people can submit their own information. The following sections of the database will be integrated: surnames, names of places in different languages, archival section, the registration of surnames of the Diaspora, sources of both archival data and books etc. Archival Network (AN) Work is slowly starting on the AN. This means that members can enjoy better posibilties to quickly locate the archive they need to do research. We will keep the SGS members regurly updated on the progress. The AN is a combined project between the SGS and the Archives of Serbia. My Rodoslov The My Rodoslov project has turned out to be a success. With more then 100 online familytree’s its the biggest resource for Serbia & the region. At the moment the My Rodoslov system is completely seperated from the SGS core system. We do not expect this to change any time soon. We are working on gradual updates to make sure that in the future the system can be tied to our members system. Either way the My Rodoslov section is a wonderfull section for people to share their family tree’s and to get back into contact with long lost family & friends. The system is being translated into Serbian and other languages. SGS Member participation Because of the new updates the website will soon offer the possibility for members to participate in the online developments. This means that members can contribute their own online articles, help populating the databases and more. In the beginning the focus of the webteam was to provide the adequate tools for members and visitors to do genealogical work. Because the society is all about people the webteam has been working on the concept of active participation. This means that if people don’t want to start their own Branch they can still contribute to the common cause by writing articles, sharing experience and helping others on the forums. As soon as the option is availible we will send out a general broadcast to all registrants. 2006/2007 This and next year will be busy years for the SGS. The focus will mainly be on finishing the details that are necesarry for the society to function properly on the internet. One of the most important tasks that the Board has is the creation of an official SGS office in Belgrade. This point has been on our priority list for some time, and it is getting closer. We hope to facilitate more means both online and offline so that people are capable of finding their family history. If you want to contribute to our work you can do so by joining the webteam or by donating so that we can keep our site up and running. If there are any questions feel free to contact us through the contact form on the website. Signed, SGS Board of Directors

The Belgrade branch is one of the oldest branches of the SGS. It is lead by Danica Radisic one of the board members of the SGS and SGF. At the moment the Vojvodina branch’s commision is the same as that of Belgrade.

You can contact the Belgrade branch through our online contact form –> SGS/SRD
The branches only handle member inquiries, otherwise questions can be posted at the member forums.

The SGS is looking for volunteers both in and outside of Serbia that are willing to help with the website. We are looking for online editors that can write interesting articles for other researchers. We are also looking for people who want to start a branch of the SGS in their own hometown. You should English or course and Serbian is welcome. People that speak other languages e.g. Hungarian are also welcome to join in and help creating online content for those people researching their family.

Online Editor

You should have some experience with genealogy and history. Preferably you speak English and Serbian fluently as we expect articles to written in both languages. Both members and non-members can apply for this position.