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How to start?

How to start your genealogical research When you decided to start with your genealogical research the challenge begins. The genealogical world is a is a jungle of information and it can be hard to find information on how to begin especially if you ancestors came from Eastern Europe where most of the archives are not…

Does the SGS have statutes?


Name, goal

Article 1

1. The name of the society is the Serbian Genealogical Society / Srpsko Rodoslovno Društvo.
2. The society was created on the 24th of October 2002, and has been engaged for an in definitive amount of time. The SGS is the legal successor of the Serbian Genealogical Foundation.
3. The society’s year is the same as the calendar year.

Article 2

1. The society’s goal is to promote and stimulate genealogy and related sciences in the broadest sense of the word in Serbia-Montenegro and the rest of the region. To supply resources both online and offline for the general public and members.
2. To assist the archives in promoting and assisting in genealogical research in the broadest sense of the word.

Can I hire a researcher from the SGS?

We receive many requests if we as a society can do research. As we have stated many times on the forums and other subsequent pages the society does not do hired research. The main reasons for this are that we are not a commercial orgnanization, nor do we have the resources for this. As a society we seek to empower people to do their own research. The logic behind this is that people become more aware of their cultural heritage and it claims a sense of ownership. Other reasons for not doing research are that citizens of Serbia are free to access the archives whenever they want. However, for foreigners there are restrictions. One must first obtain permission of the Serbian Government before one can access the archives.

Mapa Srbije iz 1196

Dole je priložena mapa Srbije iz 1196. godine, iz doba vladavine Stefana Nemanje.  Ova mapa nam daje okvirne informacije o izgledu Srbije u to doba.  Molimo da uzmete u obzir da je ovo prva verzija i da će biti izmena na njoj. [gmap polygon=43.068887774169624,17.42431640625 + 43.117024121350475,17.46826171875 + 43.1811470593997,17.5341796875 + 43.26920624914964,17.589111328125 + 43.34116005412307,17.7099609375 + 43.42898792344155,17.852783203125 +…

Arhivska Mreža

Arhivska mreža je interaktivni sistem koji korisnicima omogućava da dobiju vizuelnu predstavu o lokaciji arhiva tako što mogu da kliknu na obeleživače i tako otvore pop-up prozor koji prikazuje relevantne podatke o izabranom arhivu.  Sistem se redovno ažurira, što znači da unosimo podatke svakodnevno, pa vredi proveravati ovu stranicu često. Još detalja će biti dodato…

Archival Network

The Archival Network is a interactive system that allows users to visualize where the archives are, by clicking on the markers a pop-up window will open with the relevant information about that respective archive. The system is under constant update, this means that we are adding data every day, so its worth while to check…