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MUNICIPAL OFFICES IN SERBIA – CIVIL VITAL RECORDS – official birth, marriage and death certificates can only be issued to direct descendants and only if requested in proper format via official request (in Serbian, with local administrative taxes and fee paid in advance). You must provide exact name, surname, place and date for the document…


This map gives and indication of the territory of Bačka today in Serbia and may assist you with your research. To find alternative names for places please use the Historical Places database.


This map gives and indication of how the boundaries of Banat are today in Serbia. This may come to use when you need orientation for your research.  

Magyarization of Serbian and Other Ethnic Surnames in Hungary

MAGYARIZATION OF SURNAMES Magyarization (also Magyarisation, Hungarization, Hungarisation, Hungarianization, Hungarianisation) is a kind of assimilation or acculturation, a process by which non-Hungarian elements came to adopt Hungarian (also called “Magyar”) culture and language due to social pressure (often, though not exclusively, in the form of a coercive policy). (Great Migration of Serbs 1690. to…

NIKOLA TESLA origin and family

( headstones of Nikola Tesla parents Milutin Tesla and Đuka  born Mandić)   Dušan Ivković, famous Serbian basketball coach has a documented MANDIĆ ancestry related to that of Nikola Tesla : His grandmother, OLGA MANDIĆ, and mother of Nikola Tesla, ĐUKA MANDIĆ were sisters. One uncle of Nikola Tesla and brother of Đuka and…

World War II Victims

Here  you will find information on the  WWII victims in Yugoslavia. Unfortunatelly, the content, searchable database and  memorial pages are still unavailable to public pending publishing approval(s).  As soon as all obstacles are cleared, we will start adding  articles and pages.   yugaya “Rodoslovlje” web team  

Serbian Trade Association “Privrednik” (“The Merchant”) Database

  SERBIAN TRADE ASSOCIATION PRIVREDNIK DATABASE : search options: Serbian Trade Association “Privrednik” (The Merchant) 1897-1947. *** For the study of the history of the Serbs in Croatia during the “long” XX century and their citizens culture there is no phenomenon as important as Serbian Trade Association “Privrednik” ( “The Merchant” ) which existed…