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Archival Network

The Archival Network is a interactive system that allows users to visualize where the archives are, by clicking on the markers a pop-up window will open with the relevant information about that respective archive. The system is under constant update, this means that we are adding data every day, so its worth while to check…

2004 Edition My Heritage

AN AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN EMPEROR IN MÉXICO THE STORY OF A DREAM By Dr. Sergio Antonio Corona Páez Jean-Adolphe Beaucé. Equestrial portrait of Emperor Maximilian in 1865. How to explain the presence of an austrian-borne emperor in the Mexico of the late XIX century? Even further: how to explain his demise? It is very difficult to understand…

2002 Edition My Heritage

Welcome to the fist edition of Rodoslovlje, the member magazine of the Serbian Genealogy Society. This is the first genealogy magazine ever created from Serbia-Montenegro. And we are a pioneering position to build up a genealogical infrastructure. This is not an easy task, and will both take time and effort of the SGS and the…

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How to start

How to start your genealogical research When you decided to start with your genealogical research the challenge begins. The genealogical world is a is a jungle of information and it can be hard to find information on how to begin especially if you ancestors came from Eastern Europe where most of the archives are not…

The origin of surnames

Just as in the vast majority of other European countries the majority of Serbian surnames are patronymic. This means that the surname Jovanovic would be derived from one of the ancestors with the name of Jovan. In some very rare cases you can see the metronymic naming, but this is very rare.

The way surnames originated can be diplayed on the following way:

Patronymic; naming after one of the ancestors,
Occupational; naming after ones profession e.g. Strugar,
Geographical; being named after a geographic location,
Descriptive; being named after a special physical feature inside ones family,
Anecdotal; being named after a particular event in ones live,

The suffix in Serbian surnames

Serbian surnames usually, but not always, have a suffix. With suffix we mean endings of the surname like: -ić in Latin and –ић in Cyrillic. The endings of the surnames usually indicate to mean “son of”, as in Scotland we use “Mac” and so on. The patronymic system isn’t only used by Serbs but is…