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Bogdan Karabuha

I am hoping to find more details on Bogdan: I know he married in the UK in 1954 but I have to find when he traveled to the UK, I am told that he had a brother name Maladdin, other than his family details in the UK, this is all I know about him…for now…

Katherine Baker

Married Nickalus Beck in July 1902. Son, Nick, born 1902, and daughter, Anna, born 1905. Emigrated, with children, to the U.S. in 1910 from Fiume.

Nickalus Beck

Married Katherine Baker in 1902, probably in Calma. Emigrated to U.S. from Hamburg in 1906. Son, Nick, born in 1902 and daughter, Anna, born in 1905. Attended Catholic Church.

Boris Barbie

Boris is the son of Maria Barbie, father unknown. Boris was held as a Displaced Person at the DP Camp, Kufstein from 9 Mar 1944 before being transported with his grandmother, Ana, and his aunty and uncles via the US General WM Black which arrived in Sydney, Australia on 13 Dec 1949. The family were…