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6. tј. 19. decembra


Attached to this post is a list of Slava’s

Stanka Rogic

Stanka traveled to the Uniteed States as “Stanka Rogic” on the SS Finland, Departing from Antwerp to New York’s Ellis Island, arriving on January 30, 1906. On the ship registry Stanka was 22 yrs old from Vojnic, Croatia traveling with $9.00, via passage paid for by Janko. Her final destination was Lekrone, PA to meet…

Janko Rogic

Janko Rogish (Rogic) was born in or near Vojnic in Karlovac County, Croatia in 1881-2. His wife Stanka Skrgic is also from the same region, born on March 21, 1879. Documents indicate they married in or near Vojnic, Croatia in 1901. Janko initially immigrated alone, sending passage for Stanka to follow later. Janko was killed…