Josef (Jozsef) Straub

Born in Futok Parents Josef Straub (b. 1905 Zablya) (d abt 1943 in Futok) & Katarina Vertz (Wirtz) (b. 1906 01 05 Zablya) (d. 1980 05 11 Furth in Odenwald Germany) had a sister Maria Regina Straub. (b 1930 10 21 Futok) (d. 2014 06 16 in Lindenfelds Germany). Either the family Migrated in the early 1900’s to Yugslavia or before going through Hungary. His mother was of Hungarian decent. After the war the family Settled in Furth im Odenwald Hessen Germany.
Josef Migrated to New York USA Lived on 389 Hauptgasse in Futok on right side of the Canal in the 1930’s- 1945. Straub Relatives may have live on 356 Hauptgasse Franz Straub B 1883 Wife Franziska Harvath B 1885 Daughter Anna b 1921 & Elizabeth b 1924 son Josef b 1914. Another relative may have been Valentinna Straub b 1908 wife Anna Straub b. 1910 their son Franz b 1928 daughters Anna b. 1932 & Franziska B 1930. Lived 190b Hauptgasse. Married into the family is the Reiths who lived at 314 Hauptgasse Gregor Reith B. 1886 his wife Anna Barth b 1891 Konrad Reith b1912 his wife Maria b 1914 their Children Another family which should be related are the Rieger family. Eva Rieger b 1880 Zablya was married to Josef Straub b 1878 Zablya they were the grand parents of Joseph.