Mana (Mike) Tatalovich

Emigrated to US via Trieste, Italy sailing on 1905-06-29 – arriving NYC on 1905-07-12.
Ship originally in records as “Missler” now understand that this was the name of a German travel agent who arranged large groups wishing to travel to US.

Mana married Milica Tatalovic, from his native village. Milica traveled to US via Fume France on the SS Carpathia sailing on 1909/09/25 – arriving NVY on 1909-10-13.

They married and live in Donora, Pa., just south of Pittsburgh, where they raised their family of 3 sons and 1 daughter.
Mana worked for AS & W in Donora for over 20 yrs. His life ended when he fell down a flight of stairs, breaking his back, while working.