Zdravko Simonovic

Slava: Sveti Jovan (The Baptist)

Was born in Vinkovce in 1932. Lived on a farm with his parents Lazo and Zorka Kelin (not sure about this spelling). His siblings were the following: Milena, Stevo, Gojko, Slavko, Angelina and Georgije. He says he was forced into the Serbian Military, mainly discusses working with radios and protecting the boundaries of Serbia from the Bosnians or Hungarians I believe. He escaped Yugoslavia in the 1940/1950 after his family was killed and the Germans took over their farm. He went to Spain, then Italy where he met my grandmother Mirjana Stanisic, after they moved to France, were wed and had my mother Milena. When my mother was about 7 (1973 or so) they immigrated to Canada.

Mirjana Stanisic was born in Gabos, Bosnia and later moved to Brcko.Her family is as followed:

Ilija Stanisic(Father)- was higher ranked in the army, i have not found many records to support this. Grandmother believes he may have been a lieutenant.
Olga Brnjosevic (mother)- died when my grandmother was about 4. She had a sisters named Vaja and Jelena, with two brothers named Vukasin and Dousko.
Brothers: Ratko, Jovo, Stevo and Bodgan.