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Zdravo, ja sam u potrazi za informacijama o prezimenu Jašari iz Despotovca , u Srbiji .

Hi everyone,

My uncle and I are trying to trace our family history and we need some assistance in accessing records in both Croatia and Serbia as we are based in Canada and the UK respectively and in any event neither of us reads or speaks Serbian or Croatian.

We are looking for church records from Kikinda and Serbia to allow us to track our relative Slavko VELEMIROV .

Does anyone know how to access these church records?


My maternal grandparents emigrated from Eastern Europe to the United States in 1908-1910. My grandfather, Anton Servo (1878-1974) listed his country of origin as Hungary or Austria-Hungary on several documents. My maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Bremerhaus (1883-1946), mentions coming from Mollyfalva in the ship's manifest when she traveled here.

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