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Does the SGS have statutes?


Name, goal

Article 1

1. The name of the society is the Serbian Genealogical Society / Srpsko Rodoslovno Društvo.
2. The society was created on the 24th of October 2002, and has been engaged for an in definitive amount of time. The SGS is the legal successor of the Serbian Genealogical Foundation.
3. The society’s year is the same as the calendar year.

Article 2

1. The society’s goal is to promote and stimulate genealogy and related sciences in the broadest sense of the word in Serbia-Montenegro and the rest of the region. To supply resources both online and offline for the general public and members.
2. To assist the archives in promoting and assisting in genealogical research in the broadest sense of the word.
3. The creation of genealogical databases in cooperation with the archives of Serbia and other related institutes in accordance with the law of the state of Serbia.
4. The society does not have a financial gain and serves the general interest; it therefore remains politically independent, and will provide in objective research.
5. The society can not accept donations from political institutes that can jeopardize the independent and objective status of the society.
6. The society is not affiliated with any church or religious denomination, in order to maintain its objectivity.
7. To assist in reuniting families that have been scattered due to the civil war in the former-Yugoslavia.
8. The society also provides for humanitarian aid in the broadest sense of the word.

Article 3

The society tries to achieve these goals through the following means:

a. publishing a magazine;
b. Organizing congresses;
c. Setting up a system to validate genealogical researchers;
d. Assisting members in their genealogical research for their own ancestry;
e. Cooperating with other related organizations nationwide and internationally to achieve this;
f. By receiving donations;
g. All other legal means that can assist in achieving the society’s goals.

Ordinary members, members, fellows, honorary fellows.

Article 4

1. The society knows ordinary members, members, fellows, honorary fellows.
2. Only natural/legal persons can become a member of the society.
2a. Ordinary membership is for those who do short term membership. Members can be a single person or a complete family that intend to be part of the society for a longer term/life.
3. Fellows can be natural/legal persons or institutes.
4. Honorary fellows have no obligations besides the standards used within the SGS when it comes to the house rules. They have the same rights as normal members do unless it is specifically otherwise stated in the statutes.
5. The Board of Directors keeps the members files in which the names and addresses of all members have been registered. The Board is authorized to test a nomination for membership in a general assembly to ascertain if the person passes the stated criteria