About us

DrvoThe Serbian Genealogy Society has been officially started in 2002 by a group Serbs from Serbia and abroad. It is the legal successor of the Serbian Genealogical Foundation that has been active since the early 1996’s. Before that we were a group of researchers with many years of experience.

Ever since its creation the SGS has been working hard on creating a online enviroment on genealogy in Serbia and the region. Most people have no idea where to go when they wish to do research. For people inside Serbia doing research is relatively easy. As nationals they have access to the archives, and it’s only a matter of interest and time.

For those living outside of Serbia it is harder since the archives are not available on microfilm. The SGS has the goal of promoting genealogy. The society is independent in all ways, and objective in its research. We do not judge people by their ethnic- or religious background. Our members come from a large variety of backgrounds. To safeguard our status we put a deliberate article in our statutes.

Ties with others

The SGS holds ties with other organizations inside Serbia: We hold close ties with the Serbian Heraldic Society White Eagle (Beli Orao) and others such as the Archives of Serbia and other organizations that are all related to the same goal. The SGS has no ties with any political organization, nor accepts donations of any that can jeopardize the status of the society.

How to join

The SGS knows several types of membership: Honorary Fellows/Members:

Honoraries are those who have done exceptional work in the science of genealogy/heraldry or related sciences. Honorary membership is for life and free of charge. Honorary members hold the right to receive all internal publications. They can also fulfill a function in the boards rotating system.

Fellows: Fellows must be proposed by two or more members. This type of membership is for life and free of charge. Individuals in most cases will hold a doctorate degree in a related science, being a fellow of another related organization, state herald, president of another organization, and in most cases must have written enough works to validate their expertise. All nominations have to be approved by the board. They can also fulfil a function in the boards rotating system. Fellow have contributed also to the work of the SGS.

Members: Ordinary Members can join by applying through this link. Membership gives one access to the SGS resources in order to do genealogy research. This means access to online databases, the forum and to participate in the society’s activities. This membership is most likely the membership that you wish to acquire for your research.

Affiliation: The SGS can create an affiliation with a similar organization. If you wish to establish an affiliation you can contact us through the online contact form for further specifications. We do emphasize that we are a genealogical society and that we cherish the science of genealogy and therefore do not engage in any political activities.

The current Board of Directors:

Sergei Oudman (founding member)

Danica Radisic (founding member)

Zeljko Jovanovic (founding member)