We receive many requests if we as a society can do research. As we have stated many times on the forums and other subsequent pages the society does not do hired research. The main reasons for this are that we are not a commercial orgnanization, nor do we have the resources for this. As a society we seek to empower people to do their own research. The logic behind this is that people become more aware of their cultural heritage and it claims a sense of ownership. Other reasons for not doing research are that citizens of Serbia are free to access the archives whenever they want. However, for foreigners there are restrictions. One must first obtain permission of the Serbian Government before one can access the archives.

The SGS has many members, of which many help each other on a voluntary basis. We encourage this as it fortifies the genealogical community. However, it is perfectly allowed for SGS members or people registered as users on this site offer paid services. Please note that SGS members are expected to adhere Serbian Law and the society’s statutes. By not doing so this may lead to a cancellation of ones membership. The SGS as an organization cannot be held responsible for any disputes.