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Welcome to the info page about advertisement on our site. (Please contact Danica Radisic via the form on our contact page for more information about prices, current site information and statistics, and opportunities for advertisement and affiliation.)

As we near the end of 2019, unique visits and interest in and genealogy research in the region continue to grow. As pioneers in the field of genealogy and online assistance in research in Serbia and the surrounding region, the Founders of this site and the Serbian Genealogical Society (formerly the Serbian Genealogical Foundation) are proud to announce the ongoing development of genealogy as a recognized science and the continued growth and success of the domain.

The Serbian Genealogy Society is entering its 20th official year of work in this field and the online world. We have come this far due to the great generosity of donations, our friends and affiliates, site members and the respected members of our Board of Directors. We thank you all for your significant support and friendship and look forward to continuing our services and mutual cooperation.

With over 300 thousand unique monthly visits to our site, a newly established affiliate relationship with, and nearly 450 thousand page views every month, we are opening our doors to advertisement opportunities on the domain. We hope to establish new relationships and ongoing rapports that will be as strong and successful as the ones we have established and enjoyed over the past decade.

What kind of ads do we run?

We keep getting constant emails for ads, and in order to make sure that those who contact us realize what they can expect from us we have listed the forms of possible ads below. We allow the following means of ad delivery:

  1. Via a text link on our front-page,
  2. Via a banner on our front-page,
  3. Via an affiliation program (genealogy related services),

We do not provide the following means:

  1. Ads via our email list (simply said, we have a large list but do not SPAM our members),
  2. Blog writing services on our site that link to other sites, (until now we have rarely found someone who writes in our niche, it is a simple as that),

If you wish to get a fee for our ad services feel free to contact us via the contact form.

Wishing you a happy holiday season and good luck in all your genealogy research, Sergei Oudman, Danica Radišić, Željko Jovanović and Viktorija Ugrčić The Founding Team of the Serbian Genealogical Society