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RodoslovWe warmly invite you to join us. Your membership in the SGS will give more enjoyment from your hobby or professional pursuits. It also places you with a group of long established genealogists. Together we promote our genealogy and work together on family history. The rich history that Serbia and the region have to offer, make the SGS a divers group of people who are engaged in family history. We all share the same common love for genealogy. The SGS website can be your portal to discover your family roots. We have something for everybody.

Genealogical research will lead you on fascinating paths where you learn not only about your ancestors, but also about history, culture and yourself. Our society will keep you abreast of genealogical issues and publications, provide training to conduct more sophisticated research, and grant discounts to our sale items and events. You can volunteer and help, without the help of these wonderfull volunteers a lot of work would still not be done.

Join us and discover your family history.


What is genealogy and how do you start your family history research? Read this introduction on how to get started and find more information in our Learning Center. You can also submit your own experiences to help others.

My Rodoslov

My Rodoslov is a online feature that allows you to put your family tree online for free. You can upload your Gedcom or PAF file and start to exchange information with your family, upload pictures and more. You can also choose to keep your family tree private, and give access to family and friends only.


Our forums allow you to read and share information with other family researchers. The forums are easy to use and allow you to post in both English and Serbian. The forum is for members only.


The E-book section contains books, newspaper articles and other digital sources that can help you in your genealogical research. The Ebook section is partially accessible by the public, but the majority of the content is for members only. If you are an author and wish to contribute you can contact us.


The Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Vexillology and Phaleristics, also known as Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle”, was founded in 1991. The society is the only professional organisation of that kind in Serbia. It interferes in research and work in the field of science about arms, genealogy, flags, medals and honours, along with more specialized fields such as insigniology, archontology and nobilistics.


Become a member of Serbia`s largest society for genealogy and stay in contact with other family researchers. Members help to build a genealogical infrastructure in Serbia, and they help each other out with their research and more! Members come from all layers of society and from all ethnic backgrounds. Together we work on our comon heritage.