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I am a grandson of Milan Alexander Haber who was born in Zemun, in 1922. I am searching for any records of him and his family. I believe his brother Irvin may still be living in Zemun, he had sisters Anna and Karolina who lived in Zemun all their lives. Milan immigrated to Australia following WW2.

I need some help to find my biological father who was a doctor , working at a hospital in the area of Pancevo/(Dolovo) between 1970-1971. I have only little information of him, and I am not sure if he is still alive.
His name is Rade Mihajlovic , born around 1939.

my husband's fathers family were all born in germany including his father Rajko I am having such a hard time finding anything except their usa death records and phone records i know very little about them what I do know is is grandfather is Milos Veskovic from Yugoslavia and his grandmother was Ingeborg maiden name was winter they had three kids danilo I think is how you spell one of them

I cant find any records on their births just the records from them coming over on a ship I do know that ingeborg mother was wilhelmine winter and that she left behind 3 siblings who were named Hartmut winter, Elsa winter, and Erika winter other then that I do not know anything else

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