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Due to new releases of software we are going to upgrade our website. This means that from time to time the website will be offline. These changes will take place this week.
I just want to post here for our Serbian users that we are working on a complete Serbian setup of the site, including the member system. Samo napred! [b]For new and existing registrants, please select the Serbian accounts if you wish to receive your newsletters in Serbian! [/b]
As you can all see we are busy with the site overhaul. That means that the members section is not functional completely untill next week. We are adding new databases with more information. Please note that the login box on the frontpage will not yet log you into the forums. This will happen also next week, we are waiting for the programmers to finish this.
Hi there I'm a Canadian Serb and have always wondered what the origin or meaning of my last name "Vignjevic" is. Does anyone know, or have any ideas how I could find out? Peter
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