Adding content

As part of our site updates it is now possible for all registered members to post an article or weblink on our website. You can click on the “Create content” link on the left hand menu and it will go display the content that you can create. Once you created the content we will get a notification and the content will be put in a moderation que until one of our staff had the chance to review it. As soon as its approved you will get an email.

Articles that relate to genealogy, history, family tree’s and other related content will most likely be approved without problems. Its possible the admin’s may ask you to change some things here and there. Posts that advertise, flame or SPAM in any way will be blocked and use accounts may be blocked as well in case of abuse.

Please view the “Help” section below the posting field for information on how to type. If you run into trouble you can use the contact form to email the webmaster.