B Popovic

Vaso Popovic was my biological Great Grandfather.  He went by Vaso but had a name that started with B, which I do not know.  He was born on August 15, 1899.  I only know he came from Yugoslavia but I do not know what country that would be today.  I suspect it may have been Croatia.

He came to the United States most likely between 1919 (at the earliest) and 1925 (at the latest).  He lived in Hibbing Minnesota, Milwaukee Wisconsin and for a short time in New York.  His last correspondence with my Great Grandmother was in 1927 when he said he was returning to Europe.

I was told his mother was German and father was Yugoslavian, thought it was a very rare occurrence.  It was said that they had a business but I do not know what for.  I know Vaso has been to Switzerland but I don't know for what or how long.

I don't know the Slava of the family or if he was Orthodox or Catholic.  I continue to search for more information so this is a summary of what I know.