Board Meeting 2006

In March 2006 a Board Meeting was held and a meeting was held at Sveti Sava between the Dragomir Acović (President of the SHS) and Sergei Oudman (President SGS). In the meeting between the two presidents a lot of issues were covered. The most important is the soon to be openened White Eagle presentation at the website. Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Vexillology and Phaleristics, also known as Serbian Heraldry Society “White Eagle”, was founded in 1991. The society is the only professional organisation of that kind in Serbia. It interferes in research and work in the field of science about arms, genealogy, flags, medals and honours, along with more specialized fields such as insigniology, archontology and nobilistics. To read more about the SHS click here. The SHS presentation will hold all information on the above topics and will allow people to register their coat of arms in Serbia. SGS News The SGS has been very busy the last 6 months developing proper software that will allow people from all over the globe to access genealogical data, and to do their genealogical work. We have come a long way since the initial launch of our website. The biggest news is that after a long period of waiting our forums have reached Stable. This means that we are now adding more features to our member system & forum that will allow you to reach out. Database Danica Radisić has been busy with gathering correct information on the towns with their respective district archives. This information will soon be added to the database. At the moment the database is also being populated with surnames, and the placenames in different languages. The database is the next item on our list to be heavily reformed and upgraded to preform better. The intention is to enable usergroups so that people can submit their own information. The following sections of the database will be integrated: surnames, names of places in different languages, archival section, the registration of surnames of the Diaspora, sources of both archival data and books etc. Archival Network (AN) Work is slowly starting on the AN. This means that members can enjoy better posibilties to quickly locate the archive they need to do research. We will keep the SGS members regurly updated on the progress. The AN is a combined project between the SGS and the Archives of Serbia. My Rodoslov The My Rodoslov project has turned out to be a success. With more then 100 online familytree’s its the biggest resource for Serbia & the region. At the moment the My Rodoslov system is completely seperated from the SGS core system. We do not expect this to change any time soon. We are working on gradual updates to make sure that in the future the system can be tied to our members system. Either way the My Rodoslov section is a wonderfull section for people to share their family tree’s and to get back into contact with long lost family & friends. The system is being translated into Serbian and other languages. SGS Member participation Because of the new updates the website will soon offer the possibility for members to participate in the online developments. This means that members can contribute their own online articles, help populating the databases and more. In the beginning the focus of the webteam was to provide the adequate tools for members and visitors to do genealogical work. Because the society is all about people the webteam has been working on the concept of active participation. This means that if people don’t want to start their own Branch they can still contribute to the common cause by writing articles, sharing experience and helping others on the forums. As soon as the option is availible we will send out a general broadcast to all registrants. 2006/2007 This and next year will be busy years for the SGS. The focus will mainly be on finishing the details that are necesarry for the society to function properly on the internet. One of the most important tasks that the Board has is the creation of an official SGS office in Belgrade. This point has been on our priority list for some time, and it is getting closer. We hope to facilitate more means both online and offline so that people are capable of finding their family history. If you want to contribute to our work you can do so by joining the webteam or by donating so that we can keep our site up and running. If there are any questions feel free to contact us through the contact form on the website. Signed, SGS Board of Directors