Board meeting 2008

Last month a board meeting was organized in Belgrade in which the full board of directors was present to discuss the many developments that have been going on in the world of genealogy. One of the most important debates was that of our online presence and how we can improve this. The first major step has been made by the usage of the new site system which allows us to publish fully in both English and Serbian. Other steps still need to be done such as the embedding of the forums into the layout, but we are glad to say that the site works smooth.

Members can post news and submit stories, and we are happy to see that the number of visitors and members has been increasing gradually over time.
From now on the SGS Magazine will be posted in the Books section as well with other works. All previous versions of the SGS Magazine will be ported to the new system so it will be easier for our members to access them. All other data from the SGS section is availible online, members and visitors are recommended to use the Search function on the left hand menu. Important news will be broadcasted on the frontpage.

We are currently working on technical updates to finish the overall usability of the website. Please read a point-to-point summary of the meeting below:

  • My Rodoslov needs further work to function better,
  • Gallery needs more images and fixing,
  • Membership fee’s will remain the same over 2008/2009,
  • Web link section has been added so people can add links of interest,
  • More E-books are on their way,
  • Archival Network will go into next phase,
  • A web editor is needed to translate and post in Serbian,
  • People are encouraged to email the SGS their writings so they can be posted at the site,
  • Heraldic procedure has been further established,
  • Offering of video’s online,
  • New instructional manual for genealogy will be published,
  • List of books recommended by the archives will be updated and re-published,
  • New SGS Magazine for 2008 will be published soon,
  • People can create online profile’s with biographic pages,

The website of the Serbian Heraldic Society the White Eagle can now both be accessed at the old location and at the new url .

We hope you will further enjoy our site and services and hope that the community will continue to grow and prosper.

The Board of Directors