Codenumbers in/and Gedcom files


To keep the storage of data easy to the eye it is of very great importance that you use the proper coding system to display your data. Although throughout the years many different coding systems were used we still advice you to stick to the most common one in order to prevent errors. Coding also helps you because it’s universal so it allows you to exchange data easier without translation.

The familytree


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Хералдички обичаји у срба

Стојан Новакович: Хералдички обичаји у србa Стојан Новакович: Хералдички обичаји у срба у примени и књижевности This book is a 19th century work by Stojan Novaković on Serbian Heraldry and references about heraldry amonst Serbs. The book is in Serbian and holds some nice facsimilies. Specifications: Size: 5,3 MB Format: Adobe Digital Editions Pages: 146 […]

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Siebmacher; Kingdom of Dalmatia

This edition of Siebmacher deals with heraldry in what was used to be known as the Kingdom of Dalmatia, located in today’s Croatia. The edition is to be known for its genealogical information and heraldic pictures. Specifications: Size: 29 MB Format: Adobe Digital Editions Pages: 255 Language: German (original) Availibility: For SGS Members only Download: […]

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Members List

Board of directors Sergej A.S. Oudman (President) Danica Radisic-Visnjic (Secretary) Viktorija Ugrcic (Clerk) Zeljko Jovanovic Honorary Fellows/Members Dragomir Acovic (President White Eagle/Beli Orao) Fellows Jovan Pejin; Former director archives of Serbia   His Excellency Dr. Carlos Evaristo, K.C.V.V., G.C.S.M.A., K.I.O.D.E Prof. Dr. Sergio Antonio Corona Paez, K.S.M.A. Prof. Dr. C. E. Magnus Lindgren   […]

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Glossary of Turkish word used during the Ottoman period

Ağa Chief; master; head servant of a household Akritai Byzantine frontier troops Acâriz extra-ordinary taxes levied on the reâyâ in times of emergency Baba Father Baş kadîn “head women”, the first women of the Palace harem–> to bear the sultan a son Bedestan A covered market for the sale of valuable goods Bey 1. Prince, […]

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