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United States of America “Declaration of Intent” signed May 15, 1917;
United States of America “Petition for Naturalization”, signed July 30, 1940, Certificate No. 9850013.

On the “Declaration of Intent”, Joseph Miller states the following:
Name: Louis Yorvorina
Born: February 14, 1892 in Parishing, Austria (I could not find a city in Austria named Parishing.)
Last residence: Parishing, Austria
Emigrated from: Havre, France on the New York American Line
Declaration of Intention was to relieve himself from: Charles Emperor of Austria and ???? King of Hungary.
Arrived in New York: May 14, 1906

On the “Petition of Naturalization””, Joseph Miller states the following:
Name: Lajos JaVorina
Born: February 14, 1892 in Požarevac, Serbia
Last residence: Požarevac, Serbia
Race: Servian
Occupation: Powder Man with T.V.A.
Emigrated from: Havre, France
Arrived in New York: May 14, 1906
Vessel: Unknown
Residence: Giles County, Tennessee, United States since October 28, 1913
Denial of 1st Naturalization: September 22, 1922
Changed name to: Joe Miller