February 21, 2009

My name is e.g. Branković, can I use the coat of arms of that medieval family?

The answer is a simple “no”. None of the medieval nobility have direct male heirs that remained armigerous until today. A coat…

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I cannot login to the site after I registered, how can I fix this?

Make sure that your browser is set to accept cookies. Without this feature you cannot login. If your browser is set to…

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February 20, 2009

How do I register?

You can register at our website by clicking at the “Register” link in the left hand menu that you can see under…

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What is SGS Membership?

Membership in the SGS allows you to do more on our site then regular visitors can do. You get access to the member section and you can do the following:

  • – Letter templates to write to the archives,
  • – Translations on the SGS forums,
  • – Possibility to post confidential info on the SGS forum which is not a public forum,
  • – family page,
  • – SGS magazine with the latest news and updates from Serbia concerning genealogy and heraldry,
  • – contacting other members to assist you in your research,
  • – archival network
  • – attaching files to the forums
  • – and more,

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Serbian heraldry FAQ

1. Does my family have a coat of arms?
No, most families in Serbia and the region were not armigerous due to the fact that the Ottoman Empire ruled the area. However certain families did get arms granted in service of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In general most families don’t have a coat of arms because it was a privilege held in medieval times by noble families.

2. How do I make sure my family does or doesn’t have a coat of arms?
The only way to make sure is to do genealogical research. Genealogy is a science based on facts so by doing research you will be able to discover if your family did or didn’t have a coat of arms. So before you start looking to get a coat of arms designed by someone make sure to do your genealogical research.

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July 29, 2008

How to start

How to start your genealogical research When you decided to start with your genealogical research the challenge begins. The genealogical world is…

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