Looking for volunteers

The SGS is looking for volunteers both in and outside of Serbia that are willing to help with the website. We are looking for online editors that can write interesting articles for other researchers. We are also looking for people who want to start a branch of the SGS in their own hometown. You should English or course and Serbian is welcome. People that speak other languages e.g. Hungarian are also welcome to join in and help creating online content for those people researching their family.

Online Editor

You should have some experience with genealogy and history. Preferably you speak English and Serbian fluently as we expect articles to written in both languages. Both members and non-members can apply for this position.

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  1. We get sometimes upset emails why we don’t respond to people their emails. As you might have read on our previous posts we get a lot of visitors on our site. It takes a lot of work to setup and maintain the website, add to this that we are also active offline with a limited number of volunteers and you come to understand why we don’t reply to each and every single email.

    Firstly, the Serbian issue. We get a lot of messages why there isn’t more content in Serbian and why the site isn’t using Cyrillic. The answer is simple, there are not enough contributors. So if you want to change it become part of the team and help us out.

    Secondly, questions about surnames should be posted at the Rodoslovlje.com forums. One of the spearpoints of the site is to make people help each other. The success of your genealogical research all depends on this, sharing knowledge on all levels.

    Thirdly, we re-published two old books concerning Serbia and have more planned. But scanning and OCR takes time.

    Summarized, we doubt some people realize and apreciate the time, effort and money it takes to run this endevour.

    Make a change and help us out, you can email Danica Radisic via the Facebook page. She will coordinate everything.

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