New online payment option

Due to recent events we decided to add another payment option besides Paypal. This does not mean that we will stop using Paypal but we want our users to have more options to choose from. One of the most important ones is that people from Serbia with a Credit Card can now pay for their membership online as well. We choose for Money Bookers as it also allows Escrow services for people that want to work with researchers.

We are still debating if we should use the services of 2Checkout as well, as they accept payments from Serbia and the region as well.

We hope this new improved payment option will benefit all users. Of course wire transfer information is also availible. 

Some of the services that Money Bookers offers are:

  • SMS,
  • Fax,
  • Send/receive money,
  • Escrow,
  • Mobile Payments,
  • Multi-lingual site: English, German, Russian, Greek, Italian etc.,

We request people to register at Moneybookers, its a free service and secure. Go to  

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  1. January 15, 2010 at 10:42 am

    We highly agree your use of different types of online payment so we could choose what type to use on different types of business transactions at hand. Thank you very much for allowing this because it served as an easy access and convenience on our part especially those people who are
    disabled and are old enough to go in banks for payments and or deposits of accounts. cedar city merchant accounts

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