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Ongoing indexing project

With the recent publishing of the fragments of the original church vital records of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Croatia which are now available to be viewed online via the website, our team of volunteers have been continuously working on indexing both the parishes and surnames that are found in these records. We would like to invite anyone willing to volunteer and take part in this project to contact us. How much dedication is needed just  to index these records? It takes  a native speaker of Serbian language about an hour to finish transcribing information from just one page of these records, due to the difficulty of both reading the original written in Old Church Slavonic language  and cross-referencing the transcript with other sources to list only accurate and exact surname variants to how they are transliterated into modern Serbian language and written today .  “Rodoslovlje” wishes to congratulate and thank youngest member of its  web team, Petar Demić, for his work on indexing of the Glina municipality records of the Serbian Orthodox Church. You will find his post containing indexes of surnames and detailed description of the records and other sources he covered  so far on our forum  here: More posts relating to these records are available in the Croatia section of the Rodoslovlje forums.