My Serbian grandparents were born in Slovinci, Croatia.   My grandfather's name was Stojan Pletikosic.   He was born circa 1884.   I believe his father's name was Mikhail Pletikosic.   His mother's maiden surname may have been Roc.   My grandmother's maiden name was Stoja Kosutic.   She was born on January 28, 1883.   She was baptized on February 6, 1883.   Her record of birth appeared from the Record of the Orthodox Eastern Serbian Parish Church of Saint Great Martyr George in the Village of Utolica for the year 1883.   Her father's name was Vujo Kosutic.   Her mother's first name was Marija.   Her parents' marriage was recorded as a Church Marriage.   Vujo and Marija Kosutic were farmers who lived in the village of Slovinci, 23.   Any additional information pertaining to the Pletikosic and Kosutic families would be greatly appreciated.   I would very much like to learn of the preceeding generations.

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