Putting your familytree online

Wouldn’t be wonderful to put your family tree online? Yes it would be wonderful and it’s even possible. There are many programs’ that allow with a simple push of the button to export your family tree to a HTML web based presentation that all people can access. You can use free software for this such as:

Great family,
Personal Ancestral File (P.A.F)

Putting your family tree online can be a simple and fast solution to get in touch with other related researchers. There can be some objections though and items that one should consider before simply placing your family tree online.

Never ever place names and dates of people that are still alive without their sole written permission. This is regarded as a breach of privacy and is illegal!

Never copy someone else’s work without prior permission, even it is family 
Encode your email address in a contact form unless you want to receive SPAM.

If you have personal objections on placing your family tree on the internet because you don’t want the data to be used by others simply do not publish. It will be however likely that a distant relative will publish the data through his own research as is his good right.