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Dear Members and Fans,

Our small team of then students started the Serbian Genealogical Society in 1998 as we noticed a great interest globally for what was our hobby at the time – the art and science of researching your family roots in Serbia. Since then we have done all we can to promote individual genealogical research in the region and influence relevant institutions to take this very important science seriously.

Over the years we have had some effect and have assisted many using our own time and resources and have even refered people to private researchers – neither of which we are able to do any longer. We had planned to continue to assist people on-line, post research aids, advice on researching family roots in the archives in Serbia and running the forums through which many of you communicate and find information on ancestors or living family through

You may have noticed lately that our servers go down every now and then. This is due to the fact that visits to the site are increasing every month and our servers are not handling the load of traffic very well anymore. We would need to improve that situation and hire people to be available on-line to assist our visitors’ needs, all of which comes at a cost.

With over 80,000 unique visits per month, over 500,000 pageviews per month and a PageRank of 5 we are looking for advertisers that will help us keep our website afloat and improve the services we provide to those interested in genealogy in Serbia and the Balkans. As an individual you may also donate by joinin our network and becoming a member of the Serbian Genealogical Society through at a starting fee of 25€ per year.

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If we are not able to raise the funds needed to keep the site active, our servers running and improve our content, we will have no choice but to remove a part of the site and will not be able to provide much in regards to new content, information and advice on researching genealogy in Serbia. After 12 years of hard work, so much interest and so many friends, family and cooperations found through this service, we’re hoping you’ll help us avoid that.

Thank you for your attention and support this far!


The SGS and Team