Rodoslovlje spring update

With the spring at our doorsteps our team has been dedicated to create new updates on our site to enable better usability. This means that there will be some improvements on our website, one of the most important ones will be that the forums are going to be embedded into the site. This means only one menu and a complete inteface of languages.

Another large update will be that users will have public profiles in which they can put information they want. E.g., users can choose to put some relative information about their family tree in their profile, SGS members can create galleries and have extended permissions on the site. There is also a possibility that users can have Blogs, this however is something that is still under debate in our team.

Furthermore we will embed the Medieval Serbia project into the main page system. This to enhance better usability as well. More E-books will also be published this year, and a section for cemetaries will be created so that people can upload pictures of tombstones for others to look at. Each SGS chapter will soon get a special section on the site that they can run independently from the main site.

If you feel we left something out, or if you feel that we could make more improvements or add functionaly please comment and send us your feedback.

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  1. Before I forget to mention, someone is working on the SGS members download section to make it more “clear” then it was before 🙂

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