Serbian Latin and Cyrillic


Serbia is a country that is on the crossroads between East and West Europe when it comes to geography. Throughout history there have been influences that eventually led to the implementation of both the Latin and Cyrillic scripts. There is no difference between the meaning and pronaunciation of the both. In Serbia and Montenegro both scripts are being used throughout the country. When we talk about the Cyrillic alphabet we talk about the alphabet that St. Cyril and St. Methodius developed in the 9th century A.D. with the spread of Christianity throughout Europe. Downbelow you can find an overview with both scripts that you can use for research purposes.

Latin Script

Cyrillic Script

A a А а
B b Б б
C c Ц ц
Č č Ч ч
Ć ć Ћ ћ
D d Д д
Dž dž Џ џ
Đ đ Ђ ђ
E e Е е
F f Ф ф
G g Г г
H h Х х
I i И и
J j Ј ј
K k К к
L l Л л
Lj lj Љ љ
M m М м
N n Н н
Nj nj Њ њ
O o О о
P p П п
R r Р р
S s С с
Š š Ш ш
T t Т т
U u У у
V v В в
Z z З з
Ž ž Ж ж


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