SGS Membership

Membership in the SGS allows you to do more on our site then regular visitors can do. You get access to the member section and you can do the following:

  • Letter templates to write to the archives,
  • Translations on the SGS forums,
  • Possibility to post confidential info on the SGS forum which is not a public forum,
  • family page,
  • SGS magazine with the latest news and updates from Serbia concerning genealogy and heraldry,
  • contacting other members to assist you in your research,
  • archival network
  • attaching files to the forums
  • and more,

Most of the members in Serbia hardly use the internet because they have the luxury to live close to an archive of church parish. The membership with online resources is moslty used by international members however we have seen an increase in Serbian members due to the new features we are offering now and in the near future.

What does the SGS use the membership fee for?

To keep this site running costs money. All membership fee’s are being spend to keep the site running. With a simple fee of 25 Euro’s per year you can use the services we offer. The fee is low compared to other sites, this is also because the SGS is a non-profit organization. Since we work with volunteers we basically keep the site running through the membership fee’s.

So is SGS membership for me?

If you need more help then a simple information request then the answer would be yes. All forums besides the SGS forum are public forums on which we give general information and where people can post general inquiries. If you need help with translating letters and books, contacting the archives, need someone to call a relative for you in Serbian etc. then membership is the best solution for you. Your contribution will help us to contribute more for the online resources. We always warn people that the archives of Serbia are not microfilmed, research takes a lot of time because of this.