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Site notification 1We have completed the first fase of the upgrade. We are now restoring all functions to normal, including the Serbian version.

Dear members and visitors, Due to new software update the SGS is planning a major site upgrade. This upgrade will generate new possibilities and add a new often requested feature:

1. My Rodoslov system for all users,

2. Surname database accessible online,

3. Profile for members that is accessible for others,

4. Serbian version of the site will be expanded,


Feel free to contact us in the mean time for more information.

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  1. Hi My name is Mara Jovanka Murphy and in order to help you, you need to help others, so it would be nice to know where I can go to learn serbian in Ca. USA. I only know of a father in a church, but where is another place to go? I feel I need to learn to talk back to you and my family members that are in serbia and around the area. I am still looking for my grandmother's family Mara Konovich, this one way to spell it. There is about 3 other ways. And I still am looking for my grandfather's family Jovan V. Popovich, and the family that is out here seems that they do not want to help me and I am the only one you is still doing it. My Uncly Gilbert V. Popovich would be the one who I would talk to, but it seems he is tied of doing it. So it leaves me. Help! 

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