Welcome to the official website of the Serbian Genealogy Society (SGS). Over the course of the past 20 years we have worked hard to promote genealogy and heraldry in Serbia…

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Learning Center

Genealoški brojevni sistemi

(Prva generacija) 1 Predmet (Druga generacija) 2 Oče 3 Majko (Treća generacija) 4 Očev otac 5 očeva majka 6 Majčin otac 7 Majka majke (Četvrta generacija) 8 očev otac otac 9 očeva majka 10 Očeve majke otac 11 Majka oca majke 12 majčin otac otac 13 Majčina majka 14 Majčin otac 15 Majka majke majke

Genealogical numbering systems

(First Generation) 1 Subject (Second Generation) 2 Father 3 Mother (Third Generation) 4 Father’s father 5 Father’s mother 6 Mother’s father 7 Mother’s mother (Fourth Generation) 8 Father’s father’s father 9 Father’s father’s mother 10 Father’s mother’s father 11 Father’s mother’s mother 12 Mother’s father’s father 13 Mother’s father’s mother 14 Mother’s mother’s father 15…


Attached to this post is a list of Slava’s


My Rodoslov

With the system updates nearing completion members can login again and use the forums. We are now working hard on getting the My Rodoslov system back online as you can see here: https://www.rodoslovlje.com/person-index/ and here: https://www.rodoslovlje.com/moj_rodoslov/king-stefan-nemanjic/ Members will be able to use the system again with the new improvements. All other content is slowly being moved and…