Stanic and Gostovic

UPDATE!!! This information is believed to be the most correct. My grandparents are Anna Gostovic (Dec. 19, 1890) and Rade Stanic (Oct. 1, 1879).

My grandparents are Anna Gostovic (Dec. 19, 1890) and Rade Stanic (Oct. 1, 1879).

He was travelling with his brothers: Manaojlo (1867) and Simo (1872) on the Oceanic from Southhampton, England on Mar 31 1909. They listed Austria as home country.

She followed in 1913, arriving NY, NY May 5th from Flume (France) on the Carpathia, nationality listed as Croatian. Age and homeland believed to be fabricated. Listed my grandfather’s name – Rade Stanic (her husband) and Ronco, PA as destination (which is correct).

Their first child Peter was born before they immigrated and died the day of his Christening (abt. 1907).

They moved to in and around (first Ronco, PA) Masontown, PA. They changed their last name to Standish several years after they moved to the USA.

>Rade’s female cousin, Marie also moved here and was a Stanic, she married a(Pete)Standish.

I understand we have many relatives in the “old country” of Bosnia and Serbia.

My uncle Nick and cousin John Standish visited in the 1970’s. They met a lady cousin a doctor, other member of family high ranking military. One old country relative was a WWII war hero. I have a misplaced letter with names and addresses. I will continue to look.

I just found out that when my cousin visited he met a cousin Pukovnic (Air Force Col). Milan Gostovic and also another was was killed while changing his car’s tire on the side of the road Boris Gostovic.

I have just received a letter from Stanic relatives from the 1970s in Banja, Luka.

If you have any additional information please contact me.