Stanka Rogic

Stanka traveled to the Uniteed States as “Stanka Rogic” on the SS Finland, Departing from Antwerp to New York’s Ellis Island, arriving on January 30, 1906. On the ship registry Stanka was 22 yrs old from Vojnic, Croatia traveling with $9.00, via passage paid for by Janko. Her final destination was Lekrone, PA to meet her husband, Janko. Stanka had a brother Mihaljo, a sister Sophie (Married to Kresovich), a half-brother Ignatius (sp), her father was Marko and her mother’s maiden name was Simcza (probably miss-spelled).Janko and Stanka had eight children between 1906 and 1916. Danica was born in 1910 and died the following year, 1911. The surviving children were: Nicholas (11/28/06), Ann (5/13/1908), Mike (Mack) (4/29/09), Stana (Mary) (7/12/11), Charles (Chas) (4/7/13), Sophia (8/28/14), Dorothy (Sal) (2/14/16). This equates to about 1 new baby every 14 months. At the time of Janko’s death his children’s ages would have been: Nicholas 9.5 yrs, Ann 8 yrs, Michael 7 yrs, Mary 4.5 yrs, Charles 3 yrs, Sophia 1.5 yrs, Dorothy 1 month, and his wife Stanka was 38 yrs old. Stanka remarried to Mike “Marko” Kattalija sometime in the early 1920’s. Mike “Marko” was also known as “Bob” and worked at the Continental #1, Jamison Mine. Contact: [email protected]