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The house of Vlastimorić; Early Serbian family history 6th-10th centuries

The house of Vlastimorić

Named after Knez Vlastimir, supposedly to be the great great grandson of an unknown Archont. This Archont was a great leader of the old days. He lead the Serbs from White Serbia (located in modern day Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine) into the Balkan peninsula. This happened around the year 610-641 during the reign of Byzantine emperor Heraclius. The Archont led successfully campaigns against the Avars. As a reward for his services Heraclius paid him and his people with the lands of Rascia / Raska, Zachumlie/Zahumlje, Trebounia/Travunia, Zeta/Duklja, Bosnia/Bosna and Pagania/Paganija, which were barren at that time according to the “De Administrando Imperio”. The unknown Archont died in †680 A.D., striving clan leaders displaced him from power after the initial settlement. Internal struggle led to the fragmentation of the early Serbian state.

The house of Vlastimirović became Serbia’s first dynasty after the settlement of the Serbs. Their reigned from ca. 640- ca. 950, of which apr. 100 year under a different dynasty and later in the 9th century a short period under Bulgarian direction.

House of Vlastimirović(i) (ca. 640 – ca. 950)

Unknown archont, †680,

Svevlad (unknown wheter he was from another family or a unknown son), ruled up to 660

Selimir (unknown wheter he was from another family or a unknown son), ruled 679-680

Vladin, ruled until 700

Ratimir, ruled until 730

Knez Višeslav (great-grandson of unknown archont/knez who died in 680), around 780

Knez Radoslav (son of Višeslav)

Knez Prosigoj (son of Radoslav)

Knez Vlastimir (son of Prosigoj) ruled around the period of 825-850; founder of Vlastimirović dynasty. Vlastimir had three sons and one daughter. His daughter married knez Krajina, son of Beloje, župan of Travunija (Trabounia). Each son had his own domain, but Mutimir, the eldest, was the supreme ruler, his two brothers served under him. The brothers successfully fought off a Bulgarian onslaught by khan Boris in 852. The two youngest brothers rebelled against Mutimir. As a punishment he subjected them to Bulgarian khan Boris.
Knez Mutimir ruled from the second half of 9th century to his death in †891/ 892

Strojimir (vassal to elder brother Mutimir, later under Bulgarian khan Boris)

Gojnik (vassal to brother Mutimir, later under khan Boris)

Knez Pribislav (son of Mutimir), born latest 867, ruled 891/2-892/3

Bran (Boren) (younger brother of Pribislav, son of Mutimir), born by 867, pretender to the throne 895/6

Stefan (youngest brother of Pribislav and Bran, son of Mutimir), born ca. 870

Knez Petar Gojniković (son of Gojnik, grandson of Vlastimir), born ca. 870, ruled 892/3-917/8, captured by Bulgarians, died in captivity.

Knez Pavle Branović (son of Bran/Boren, grandson of Mutimir), ruled 917/8-921, brought to the throne by the Bulgarians, brought down by Byzantines

Knez Zaharije Pribisavljević (son of Pribislav, grandson of Mutimir), ruled 921-924 (brought to the throne by the Byzantines, removed by the Bulgarians)
924-927 Serb throne held by Bulgarians, period of Bulgarian rule and occupation of the lower lied lands.

Knez/Zupan Časlav Klonimirović (son of Klonimir, grandson of Strojimir), ruled 927/8-ca. 950: Liberated the central Serbian tribes from Bulgarian empire.