Over the past 10 years our website has used several systems to ensure that we could offer our users/members a online platform that would enable them to do research online. With the latest technological developments we decided that it is time to push forward with fully moving to one system. This means that new users will register via our core system, which is Drupal, while existing members continue to use the dual login. In short, if people want to renew their membership they can do this via the new system. Now the payment gateway isn’t the only change that is coming, there are a couple of other changes that we are working on behind the scenes. Down below a summary of what you can expect this year:

– completely translatable website, i.e. when you click Serbian you will only get Serbian,
– online profiles and better integration with networks such as Facebook and Twitter,
– fully fledged online family section for your own research or to hook up with long lost family,
– better privacy options,
– one unified profile,
– a special section for files that you can download depending on your rights, e.g. online books,
– integrated family tree with pedigree,
– an updated layout ready for future,
– fully integrated search feature for the website and all content,