Working groups

Working groups 1The new upgrades on our site made it possible to add more advanced features. Since it is the society's goal to promote genealogy we intend to do this by creating more tools that allow you to work together with people that have the same interests. One of the most important tools is Working Groups. These groups will all get their own section on our website. Depending on the group people can join for free or they will have to be SGS members to access certain groups/sections. Anybody can create a group, in order to do so they should post a request in the comments below and describe what they envision. This can vary from genealogy for immigrants, heraldry, surnames, culture, history and more. An important feature with these groups is that they can be in either Serbian or English, this will also resolve some of the language mixing that we previously had. One of the specific functions of these groups is to filter forum posts from information that generally serves the public and that isn’t case specific. The groups will soon be accessible through the menu at your right hand or via the top menu. Information that is going to be posted on the groups should be from own research and shouldn’t be copyrighter material from other websites without their specific permission. We intend to release the non-member information under loose copyright permissions so it can be used generally for the public. Some proposals for groups that have been done already and that can be started in either Serbian or English:

  • Translation group; for translating the site in both languages Serbian and English,
  • Archival group; for people who work or live near a National Archive that can help and assist people with their research in the archives,
  • Surname group; for populating the surname database with surnames and their origin and meaning,
  • Heraldry group; for historical non-noble family heraldry,
  • Immigration group; for families that moved abroad and are looking for means to trace back their ancestry,
  • Molecular Genealogy group; for DNA fans,
  • SGS group; society group for members only,

Please feel free to ask questions. We are currently looking for people who want to start running any of these groups as group administrators that will run the respective group. One does not need to be a society member, however we do require in this case that we actually know who you are. As a return favor we grant you membership in the society. Please read the statutes if you want to know what we stand for. We should also again reiterate that none of these groups can be used for political purposes but for genealogy only.